With over 50 million square feet of commissioning projects completed, Alares Engineers ensure your projects are constructed as designed.  Each commissioning optimization project is carefully approached with the right strategy – whether for new equipment, or for bringing existing systems back to best capabilities. 

We’re a team experienced with a range of advanced mechanical, energy, and technology systems – and with expertise to serve one commercial building, or a multi-facility campus. We also understand the demands and complexities of today’s interconnected – and more automated – building operations. 

Most importantly, we’re proud of how we work – providing the precision tuning and testing required to optimize equipment in commercial and industrial-scale buildings. Once an individual component is in order, we know how to integrate it effectively within the holistic ‘system of operations’ – which is unique to each facility. 

Why is Commissioning important?

Commissioning projects work to achieve peak performance of equipment and maintain the reliability of key building assets. The process helps you:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve efficiencies and save energy
  • Increase lifespan of equipment and ROI
  • Provide ideal conditions for building users

 Energy efficiency targets? Optimize your building systems first.

A commissioning process is important after you complete an energy audit. You’ll optimize your equipment to work at best efficiency, then have a solid baseline to measure real energy savings.


Establishing peak performance from the start

Initial equipment Commissioning is a robust process. Establishing a high-efficiency standard of your equipment operation – from the start – keeps energy use low, sets an aggressive baseline, and reduces long-term costs and maintenance.

Retro Commissioning

Confirming the performance of existing systems and bringing them up to operating capacity

Retro Commissioning services involves testing and confirming the operation of building equipment systems that have never been officially commissioned before. Existing equipment is calibrated, controls are reset, and parts are replaced to return systems to their most efficient working order.

Equipment Optimization

Maintaining maximum efficiencies of your building systems

We provide effective assessment and implementation processes for the ongoing maintenance and peak performance of your building equipment.

The goal is to guarantee continued energy savings and to keep building occupants comfortable, healthy, and safe.