Alares was awarded with the following contracts:

  • Sanitary Sewer Upgrade
  • Seismic Deficiencies
  • AE Chiller Replacement Design

    VAMC Upgrade Sanitary Sewer Project   

The Veterans Affairs Administration awarded Alares with the A/E Professional Design Services for the Upgrade Sanitary Sewer Phase 2 project at VA Medical Center Central Western Massachusetts located in Leeds, MA.   This project is the continuation of two previous projects to replace the aging sanitary sewer system. The VA estimates that there is approximately 6900 feet of sewer system that requires replacement. This includes replacing the sewer main as well as connections to buildings throughout the campus. There were two previous projects; Phase 1 was completed in 2014, as well as a project in 1990. The intent of this project is to replace all remaining sewer system elements installed prior to 1990. 


Seismic Deficiencies at the East Orange NJ VAMC 

Alares was contracted to correct seismic deficiencies in one of the boiler plants at the VA Health Care System, East Orange, NJ.  Alares will design upgrades to the existing building frame structure and the non-structure components & equipment’s with a focus on seismic problems and noncompliance and bring the building structure and all its components up to compliance with all applicable current seismic codes.  


AE Chiller Replacement Design VAMC  

Awarded to Alares from the VA was the A/E Chiller Replacement Design at the VA Healthcare System located at the Manchester VA Medical Center.  The scope of this project consists of A/E services to design the replacement of the existing chillersThe new chiller system will provide redundancy and provide cooling for the various air handling units throughout the medical center.  Alares will conduct a study to confirm the chiller capacity is appropriate for the identified spaces.