CLIENT: US Department of Veterans Affairs

Design integrates existing HVAC system for renovation and Biosafety Level change


To design an HVAC system that integrated existing with new equipment components. The laboratory renovation required changing previous HVAC requirements for a Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) facility to Biosafety Level 2.


Alares Architects and Engineers designed and installed a new HVAC system that integrated some of the existing equipment with new components. The completed, new HVAC system achieved the designed performance criteria, while minimizing construction costs and interruption to the building’s ongoing operations.



Alares Architects and Engineers worked closely with the owner, architect, and construction teams and review design drawings and equipment submittals to verify that the design intent was being met. Our design comments and careful coordination throughout the renovation process greatly improved the success of the project.

In designing an appropriate HVAC system for this renovation, Alares Architects and Engineers determined which components needed to be replaced or removed, and which could be salvaged. Verification of the AHU supply capacity, air change rates (ACH), and airflow offsets were completed to confirm that the re-designed HVAC system was optimized within the newly renovated BSL-2 laboratory space.

Alares Architects and Engineers also verified the performance of the Siemens Retrofit Kit – which was placed over the existing Phoenix valves – to ensure its reliable operation and integration.