Project info

  • Energy Consulting
  • Logistic Company

  • 25 Aug, 2018

  • New York, USA

  • $250.000


Project overview

Alares was selected by the VA to conduct energy audits of eleven VA Hospital Campuses throughout New England totaling over 8 million square feet. This project demonstrates Alares’ capability to conduct energy audits.

Alares developed equipment lists for each of the facilities documenting equipment type, model, serial number, etc. into a database using our software. Our mechanical engineers identified energy and water conservation measures at each of the facilities.

The following tasks were conducted.
1. Examine utility bills for the past two years and establish base year consumption.
2. Conduct facility personnel interviews
3. Determine the feasibility or potential for energy conservation, water conservation and renewable energy measures that are lifecycle cost-effective.
4. Conduct site visits at the identified facilities to identify energy deficiencies, energy needs and potential energy conservation measures (ECMs) within the examined facilities.
5. Create a prioritized list of investments, using a decision matrix that addresses both short and long-term investment opportunities. The prioritized list of investments was based upon return on investment and cost savings analysis.

Alares prepared an energy assessment report for each facility.  Some of our recommended conservation measures are currently being implemented.