Project info

  • Energy Consulting
  • Logistic Company

  • 25 Aug, 2018

  • New York, USA

  • $2500.000


Project overview

Alares designed and installed advanced metering systems at 60 federal buildings throughout New England.   The project included extensive investigation of the buildings to determine location of the meters.   Alares surveyed, designed, installed, and commissioned gas, steam, water, and electric meters as well as networking equipment in Federal Buildings, Courthouses and US Border Inspection Stations throughout New England.

GSA’s advanced metering systems create value for the Federal Government, by making federal facilities cost-effective and energy efficient.  Advanced metering systems are designed to monitor and/or store energy consumption data for specific building systems or the entire building. This data can be used to monitor energy use and allow building operators to take corrective action immediately. These systems also comply with programs sponsored by local power companies, enabling utilities to reduce power to participating buildings when demand on the power grid is high, ultimately saving the New England region $316k annually in taxpayer dollars.