Our energy engineers have successfully audited over 90 million square feet of healthcare and commercial space finding energy savings over 15%.  Alares  helps facilities operations  stay highly efficient – in maintaining reliable building equipment and energy supply. With high demand for energy and water demand, we provide a careful review and monitoring of electricity and water use to significantly keep costs down. 

We believe that by aiming for building systems efficiency and the reduction of energy and water use, enterprises can significantly lower costs, while – at the same time – make a contribution to resource conservation and the reduction of carbon-emissions and global greenhouse gases (GHG). 

Our clients find that these goals for sustainability create significant cost-savings and, also, improve their long-term business success. 

Energy Audits

Comprehensive and equipment-specific assessments of your current energy use to find real savings

Energy audits let you know how – and where – energy is being used in your facility. An accurate analysis of current energy demand enables you to make the smartest investments in upgrades and new improvements.

Understanding your energy use also helps you set realistic targets for future reductions. And energy audits combined with other assessments – for water use and other utilities – provide a broader view of potential cost savings within your facility.

Energy Efficiency Strategies

Determine the highest-value measures to reduce energy use and lower costs

Operating your facility, or campus of buildings, involves significant costs for electricity and other forms of energy. Alares Architects and Engineers helps you find strategies that make the most sense – for reducing energy demand and increasing efficiency throughout your physical plant.

Smart energy-saving programs include equipment maintenance, as well as re-commissioning of existing building systems to bring them back to peak performance.  

Advanced Metering and Monitoring

The latest smart technologies to provide precision monitoring of your utilities use and costs

Advanced technologies offer more comprehensive ways to measure and track your energy and water use. Accurate monitoring makes it possible to manage your resources – including electricity, natural gas, water, and steam.

Smart Metering systems also enable the data analysis that helps you identify problem areas – so you can develop ways to reduce costs

Feasibility Studies

Renewable energy studies to accurately assess the exact conditions and energy requirements of each facility

Alares Architects and Engineers has completed feasibility studies to determine the viability of renewable energy systems – such as solar and geothermal – for varied locations across the US.

Site testing, and consideration of your specific facility and property conditions, help us to assess the potential function and investment in your clean power generation options.

Renewable Energy Options

Helping you select viable renewable energy technologies, including Solar, Geothermal, and Combined Heat and Power – CHP

Alares Architects and Engineers has a strong background in working with clients to select the most appropriate renewable energy options – from smaller systems to large installations that can provide a substantial percentage of a building’s energy demands.