The COVID-19 pandemic, having 10 to 30 times greater mortality rate than influenza, will require an expansion of isolation treatment spaces within existing hospitals and healthcare clinics were given the substantially increasing patient loads.

Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms

Your objective will be to develop isolation spaces that achieve a negative space pressure, direct airflow from clean to dirty areas, exhaust all airflow, and maintain temperature/humidity between 70-75ºF/less than 60%.

To change airflow and pressure relationships within your building, you will need to consider the following:

• Installed ventilation and base building equipment capacities

• Implemented control strategies of the equipment

• Air distribution systems to be adapted to this new isolation strategy.

Through a strategy of immediate system adjustments, supported by physical modifications, improvements in patient isolation can occur very quickly as the crisis develops.

Additional Considerations

• Administrative controls and adequate personal protective equipment for operations support teams

• Prepare all HEPA units and Stackhouse’s for adapting standard patient rooms for small scale surges

• Bifurcate high traffic areas and suspected COVID-19 patient proximity from high risk patients

Alares/NV5 Resources Are Available to Help

Alares/NV5 has design and commissioning engineers available who can assist in qualifying building system capacities and make short-term adjustments to achieve incremental improvements in patient isolation. Please contact NV5 professionals at or in 651-634-7356 for assistance.