Professional engineering services for
innovative and practical solutions


Professional Engineering services to create innovative and practical solutions

Engineering support for Energy, Commissioning, and Environmental projects.

With a foundational commitment to efficiency, our design services strive for streamlined precision and cost-savings.

Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing

Core professional expertise

Our core engineering services in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing are available to support all of the projects we complete.

Professional engineering capabilities – with a strong focus in the building and construction industries – provide us with the in-depth perspective to help you develop more advanced solutions for your projects.

Environmental Engineering

A strong base in current strategies

Our Environmental Engineers have the base-knowledge needed to successfully design each Environmental Consulting project – to help you meet government standards and reduce risks.

We understand current technologies, regulations, and remediation processes. That’s how we can develop the most appropriate strategies to control and manage both building site and indoor conditions – and, at the same time, control costs.

Geotechnical Engineering

Support for construction and site work projects

Alares Engineering provides assessments, testing, and design strategies for a full-range of site work projects.

Geotechnical engineering support includes pre-development construction planning, geological analyses, and the design of foundations and other earth-retaining structures.

Sustainability Engineering Design

Integrated solutions for your Sustainability projects

Sustainable Engineering Design services integrate professional specialties with broader environmental considerations to maximize projects aimed at meeting your Sustainability goals.

Your priorities may include lowering your energy and water use, improving environmental conditions at your building facilities, or installing the right system for generating your own renewable energy.

Comprehensive engineering services to support your projects


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