Clean Room Facility Installs New HVAC System and Completes Commissioning

A well-designed process prevents interruptions to the critical environment at Lantheus Medical Imaging

CLIENT: Lantheus Medical Imaging



Energy Use Reduction


of Facility Hours Kept in Operation


This project involved replacing an existing rooftop HVAC equipment system that served a medical facility’s clean room. The installation process needed to cause minimal interruption to sensitive imaging operations.


This HVAC and Commissioning project was well coordinated – amongst the design, engineering, and construction teams – to guarantee its success. Team members worked through the weekend and nights to ensure that the systems stayed operational at the facility.

The final commissioning process tested the reliability of the primary and back-up equipment, making sure the clean room environment would be maintained at all times.


Alares Engineering reviewed details that would affect the design and any potential issues with the integration of the new controls. Working closely with the owner and the controls contractor, a process was set to carefully implement programmed sequences and to keep the temperature and humidity controls both safe and reliable within the critical environment.

After installation, system performance and long term trends were established to ensure the HVAC equipment’s reliability. The back-up chiller integration was tested, and retested, to ensure that if the primary chilled water system was at risk, the back-up chiller would immediately provide cooling without impact to the clean room environment.

This HVAC systems equipment provided in the project included:

  • Desiccant Dehumidification Air Handling Unit: 200‐AH‐305
  • Air Cooled Chiller: CH‐1 and associated pumps
  • Exhaust Fan: EX‐3
  • Humidifier: H‐1
  • HVAC Controls