Advanced Metering and Monitoring for Energy Centralizes Data for 60 Buildings in New England

General Services Administration (GSA) able to save costs by tracking its Energy and Water Use

CLIENT: General Services Administration


60 site

Building Metering Network


Payback Period



Investment Cost Savings Potential


The challenge involved developing a metering network system within 60 existing buildings to measure and track usage of electricity, natural gas, water, and steam.

The new advanced metering system also needed to be fully integrated with the existing building communications networks to provide centralized data analytics to the main IT system of the General Services Administration.


A customized system was designed to fit to the unique conditions at each of the 60 office facilities. The successful installation of the advanced metering network enabled the GSA to effectively measure its energy and water use and to track a variety of conservation measures throughout all its buildings in the New England region.


Alares Engineering conducted a detailed evaluation of each building’s utility system that provided its energy (electricity and natural gas) and water (including steam). This process determind the most effective conduit routes from the meter locations within each building to the GSA’s main network switch. Based on collected data testing, the meter locations, meter type, and communication network were established.

In addition, the project involved intensive coordination and communication with each of the building management teams. Once the final design was approved, Alares Engineering completed both the installation and commissioning processes for the advanced metering system, as well as the training of its operation for the facilities’ staff.