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Your buildings represent a large investment, and they create the spaces where people do the work to be done.  Our design expertise helps maintain the reliability of your most important building systems. 

As a recognized specialty, Alares Engineering provides strategies to improve health and safety within critical building environments.

Overall, our focus is to protect and increase the value of your facilities and building assets with cost-effective, practical designs. With past clients in the commercial, industrial, and government sectors, we serve industries that include Healthcare, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Higher-Education.


Maintaining conditions that support health and provide comfort is paramount for all hospitals and healthcare facilities.

 And efficiency within these buildings – in energy and maintenance – keeps operating costs down.

Hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare facilities are critical spaces – with strict requirements for safety and hygiene. These buildings must also provide constant comfort and steady ambient conditions for patients, staff, and visitors.

Our design engineers have improved healthcare environments and infrastrucure by providing practical and reliable designs. 


Biotech and pharmaceutical production – as well as laboratories – require indoor environments with the highest safety and quality standards.

Air filtration and precise controls are a priority – to protect both staff and sensitive materials or products.

Alares Engineering specializes in sensitive indoor building conditions – from assessing air quality to maintaining interior specifications that are ideal for human safety and production standards.  We have designed specialty laboratories to complex sterilization facilities.  We have expertise in maintaining sensitive environments.

Our design expertise provides the relevant support to biotech, pharmaceutical, and research laboratories facilities. Alares Engineering also helps businesses keep costs low – by discovering lighting, energy, and water efficiency measures that work to reduce excess utility demand.


Places of learning welcome more students each year. We help you keep campus buildings running with less energy, water, and expense.

We’re also your partner for leading in a variety of sustainability and clean power goals.

We stay committed to helping universities and educational institutions take action on Energy Efficiency, as well as Sustainability – by focusing on the built environments where people learn, work, and live.

Building efficiency – for reducing energy and water use – is the fastest way to meet key sustainability goals. We also help you find renewable energy sources to lower your campus’ total carbon footprint.

At Alares Engineering, we know that maintaining a program of building equipment commissioning and technology updates are important steps to reduce utility demand and costs. We work with you to design a detailed strategy – campus-wide – to find measurable savings.


Alares Engineering collaborates with you to find the strategies with the fastest investment returns.

At Alares Engineering, smart strategies mean those that make the most sense – to your priorities, budget, and long-term goals.

And providing you with insights about which efficiency and equipment investments will have the greatest impact on your operations is how we can help.

We explore your options for deriving the strongest ROI within a single commercial building, or for a full property management portfolio. Many investments make sense – from new lighting systems and connected technologies, to aggressive programs to significantly reduce your energy and utility demands.

Only effective and holistic solutions, helping you make a strong business case for efficiency improvements.

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