We are Alares Architects and Engineers


Alares Architects and Engineers is a national US-based company leading the way in building design projects.

Our work spans across 30 states and, for over 30 years, we have served commercial and government organizations in a variety of industries – from healthcare and pharmaceutical, to higher education, to city, state, and federal agencies.

A team prepared to tackle your challenges

As professional consultants and licensed engineers, our staff provides a multidisciplinary knowledge-base in construction and environmental conditions. This background enables us to understand the building process and the complex systems that must be integrated within each structure.

In addition, we are aware and trained in LEED practices (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which gives us a holistic perspective in solving building system challenges and maximizing energy efficiency.


Our focus is maintaining your ideal building environments

Our concerns focus on what we consider to be the mission-critical requirements for each project: the optimal working order of building environments and the safety, the health, and comfort of the people who work within them.


The goal of Sustainability is a core consideration

Additionally, solutions developed by Alares  consider the underlying efforts to achieve sustainability goals related to building environments. These efforts can greatly affect internal operations, as well as the broader impacts each organization has on the natural environment.

We believe that by aiming for building systems efficiency and the reduction of energy and water use, enterprises can significantly lower costs, while – at the same time – make a contribution to resource conservation and the reduction of carbon-emissions and global greenhouse gases (GHG).

Our clients find that these goals for sustainability create significant cost-savings and, also, improve their long-term business success.



Our team at Alares Architects and Engineers shares a genuine and collective drive to find the best solutions to the projects our clients need to get done.

In addition, our approach to challenges is often a direct reflection of our company’s founder, Don Maggioli. As a graduate of West Point and a former member of the elite Green Beret division of the Army, Don began the company based on the strong leadership training and high standards he gained from his earlier experiences.

Today, this commitment to excellence and a military “can-do” attitude guide how we tackle challenges – with the energy to complete the best job possible and to always leave the world a better place than when we found it.


(What does Alares mean?)

We are often asked, “Why the name Alares?” or “What does Alares mean?”

The name Alares has significant meaning for our organization. Alares were a kind of militia among the Romans, so called from ala – or Latin for “wing” – because of their lightness and swiftness in combat.

The name Alares was selected because our philosophy is based on our goal to always achieve our clients’ objectives in a swift manner, without sacrificing quality for speed.

It’s our mission to achieve high-level efficiency – swiftly, and without sacrificing quality.

“One of the best managed professional engineering groups that has worked within the New England region.”

– General Services Administration